About Veteran’s Creation Point

Veteran’s Creation Point is the brand for RKJR Creation Point Company of Huntsville, TX. The company is a DVOB, or Disabled Veteran Owned Business. Majority owner Rick Pritchard is a Marine. Rick served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, promoted meritoriously three times. Four and a half years of that time was in service as a Scout Sniper. His last duty station was Parris Island, SC.

Rick creates rustic, patriotic, burned wood flags and crosses. His art pieces begin as a single piece of wood and remain unbroken, reflecting Rick’s use of art therapy for his PTSD. Each piece is unique with its variation of light and dark which is revealed through the process of hand-burning the wood. The pieces are also hand painted and sealed to be weather-resistant.

The crosses represent an expression of Rick’s calling as a Christian. The former USMC Scout Sniper has explained his experience as a Christian artist in this way, “Although I experience the struggles associated with PTSD daily, with Christ I am never in despair. The character of my art is revealed in the dark contrast that results from the flame, but my own character develops daily as I focus on the light of my existence in Christ.”

Each work of art is signed by the artist.

About Rick Pritchard

I am a service-connected Disabled Veteran Marine Scout Sniper who paints patriotic flags and crosses. Each piece is sanded, burned, painted and sealed by hand.